Rent Houses LLC – rental application


Questions – (505) 309-0842



To apply you can either –


1 – (this option is the best way) fill out on-line form HERE  (If link does not work, copy/paste this ling to your browser - )


2 – copy/paste questions below into an email and send to


3 – print this page mail to Rent Houses LLC, PO Box 31033, Albuquerque, NM 87190


  1. Name


  1. Date of Birth


  1. Phone #


  1. Address


  1. What house do you wish to rent


  1. Where do you live now?


  1. How long have you lived there


  1. What is your rent now?


  1. Who are your landlord(s) and how can I reach them (past two landlords please)


  1. If I call them, what will they say about you?


  1. Please answer, describe, and explain the following -


a.       Have you received any 3-day or 7-day notices from your landlord(s)?

b.      Has there been legal action between you and your landlord(s)? 

c.       Have the police or code officials or any other government agency visited or investigated any issues at your homes?


  1. Why are you moving?


  1. What did you not like about your last place(s)?


  1. What do you like about this house?


  1. When do you want to move in?


  1. Who all would be living there?


  1. How long do you see staying at this house?


  1. Where do you work?


  1. What do you do?


  1. How much do you make per month?


  1. How long have you worked there?


  1. How long do you see your self working there?


  1. How do I contact your employer?


  1. If you have pets, please tell me what kind and something about them?


  1. Who are your references, how do they know you, for how long, and how can I reach them?


  1. What’s your story? (in general – stuff that is not covered in the questions here)


  1. After I review these I may need to pull a credit or background check or check some other stuff.  Please let me know now if anything may show up.  I have rented to folks w/poor credit and/or a history and it has worked well because they were upfront so there were no surprises on either side.